Beginning of “Standing Man” Protest Full #duranadam

Publicado em 18/06/2013

Standing Man in Taksim Protest #duranadam in Taksim Full
“Standing man” inspires silent protests in Turkey.

Police couldn’t know how to behaveWhen “standing man” bewildered police in Taksim Square. Standing silent for eight hours, facing a portrait of Ataturk, the founder of modern, secular Turkey, he was joined by hundreds of others in silent protest.This form of protest is now being widely used but still police are arresting people … just for standing motionless and in silence.A Turkish man has staged an eight-hour silent vigil on Istanbul’s Taksim Square, scene of violent clashes between police and anti-government protesters in recent weeks, inspiring hundreds of others to follow his lead.”Standing man” said he wanted to take a stand against police stopping demonstrations near the square, DHA news agency reported.He stood silently, facing the Ataturk Cultural Centre which was draped in Turkish flags and a portrait of Ataturk, from 6 p.m. (4.00 p.m. British time) on Monday until 2.00 am on Tuesday.By 2 a.m. (12.00 a.m. British time), when the police moved in, about 300 people had joined him.300 other standing men standing with the standing man have been sent to the police center for custody, because of their “standing”. .


About Andreia Sofia Paixao

I’m an architect but at the moment I’m doing a PhD in the “Architecture of Contemporary Metropolitan Territories” at the University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE-IUL). I have worked teaching children in a primary school, in performance studies and as a production assistant in dance and events on ecological themes. PhD Researcher _ Architecture / Contemporary Dance / Permaculture My research is situated at the intersection of architecture, landscape architecture, public art and urban development.

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