Occupy Cologne Moving Tents


Publicado em 26/08/2012

Am 25.08.2012 gingen Kölner Occupier mit wandelnden Zelten durch die Straßen und auf die Plätze Kölns. Die Aktion steht im Zeichen der Kampagne “UmFairTeilen”, die ihren nationalen Aktionstag am 29.09.2012 hat.
youtube-Kanal von occupy cologne:
Song “Occupy this town” by Niranjana Adelsberger & Hardy S. Party:



Enviado em 26/02/2012

While Occupy protests in the US have been marred by violent clashes with the police, demonstrators in Melbourne have taken a sillier approach to dealing with authorities.
In a video posted on YouTube on December 3, a troupe of police officers is seen approaching the camp in Treasury Gardens, presumably to issue move-on notices.
But as they near, the protesters suddenly transform into “tent monsters”.
Wearing their temporary abodes as costumes, they run circles around the police, giggling hysterically at their prank.
When the police realise there are no real tents set up in the park they turn around to walk back to their cars as ‘monsters’ cavort around them, skipping merrily and laughing.
Some of the officers crack a smile at the gag and the police retreat from the scene.
A female officer is seen approaching the protesters but rather than scold them she appears to enquire how they made their costumes, with a nearby tent-clad man telling her: “It’s called gaffer tape”.
The video has been circulated among Occupy demonstrators around the world, drawing comparisons between how police in different nations are handling the protests.
A Buzzfeed reader commented on the Melbourne video: “Why didn’t they just pepper spray them?”.
The reader was referring to a video that surfaced online last month of a police officer at the University of California’s Davis campus calmly pepper-spraying a line of sitting protesters.
The protesters flinched and covered their faces but remained passive with their arms interlocked as onlookers shrieked and screamed out for the officer to stop – 5 December 2012


About Andreia Sofia Paixao

I’m an architect but at the moment I’m doing a PhD in the “Architecture of Contemporary Metropolitan Territories” at the University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE-IUL). I have worked teaching children in a primary school, in performance studies and as a production assistant in dance and events on ecological themes. PhD Researcher _ Architecture / Contemporary Dance / Permaculture My research is situated at the intersection of architecture, landscape architecture, public art and urban development.

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