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If listening has ever been connected to our survival skills and spatial orientation, sound is still a vital matter to map our relationship with places.

More than 50 years after Guy Débord has written about Situationist Drift and Psicogeography, in a time when georeferences and Internet have transformed contemporary possibilities of mapping, ECHOES invites to another weekend of meetings about listening and place. This time about the possible ways of Mapping through Sound. ECHOES #2 is a weekend program with different scales and perspectives that invites artists, scientists and public to share their points of view and of listening.

Thursday September 19th in Sinel de Cordes Palace the workshop starts. The Unlikely Places and the participants will start recreating the pieceCome Across for the city of Lisbon. Friday at 6 p.m. we start presenting the results for the RADIO OPEN CALL by Jennie Savage Intermission: Audio portraits of Place – Mapping the Space between A and B. Also at 6 p.m. we open the installation by João Bento DIÁRIO SONORO – 366SoundDailyProject. From 9:30 p.m. on we screen the film trilogy by Manon de Boer Sylvia Kristel – Paris, Resonating Surfaces and Think about Wood, Think about Metal on sound narratives from three women and how do they relate with surfaces of spaces and cities they have lived in during 1970′s.

On Saturday, we visit the laboratory silence of Anechoic Chamber in Instituto Superior Técnico guided by Professor Bento Coelho. The journey ends up with a radio talk moderated by Sandy Gageiro with ECHOES #2 guests, and also Luís Cláudio Ribeiro, responsible for the project Lisbon Sound Map. This talk is broadcasted online by

On Sunday at 7 p.m. in Sinel de Cordes Palace, we end up ECHOES weekend with the piece Come Across Lisbon version performed by Unlikely Places and workshop participants. Welcome.


About Andreia Sofia Paixao

I’m an architect but at the moment I’m doing a PhD in the “Architecture of Contemporary Metropolitan Territories” at the University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE-IUL). I have worked teaching children in a primary school, in performance studies and as a production assistant in dance and events on ecological themes. PhD Researcher _ Architecture / Contemporary Dance / Permaculture My research is situated at the intersection of architecture, landscape architecture, public art and urban development.

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