This is who we like and what we find interesting

 – FRIENDS – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


4Cities is our common background! It is a UNICA Euromaster in urban studies, a two-year interdisciplinary and international programme. 4Cities takes students to Brussels, Copenhagen, Vienna, Madrid and a number of surrounding cities.

400 asa macht urbanes Theater, immer politisch, komisch und rhythmisch. Stadttheater eben.

Amper&and -Urban Detectives
A young collective of urban detectives in Germany.

Architekturforum Zürich

Autonomer Beautysalon in Zürich

böff, Initiative für mehr Freiräume in Zürich

boijeot.renauld.turon – Our french artist friends

Corner College
An open space for quasi-academic activities such as workshops, lectures, readings, movies or culinary experiments…

Ein «Demokratie-Projekt», ein aus freien Stücken entwickeltes, von äusseren Zwängen befreites, unabhängiges Themenerkundungs-Fenster der Zivilgesellschaft.

«Einschleichende Neubauten – Kollektiv für urbane Störungen» is a young urban collective in Vienna.

Think-Tank für Schweizer Aussenpolitik

HOFgesang –  zwecks Aufwertung der Innen- und Hinterhöfe zu Erholungs- und Begegnungsräumen. In Zürich und anderswo.

Künstlerin Ildi Sera

ifsu –  Institut für soziale Urbanistik

Instant Favelas
The low-tech street lab for urban interventions, by the swiss-mexican art collective colectivo macrame

Intercomestibles – der urbane Getränkeliferant

International Network for Urban Research and Action.
Inura International / Inura Zürich / Inura Brussels ….

knowbotic research
Künstler-Duo/Trio, experimentiert in langfristigen Projekten mit Themen wie Öffentlichkeit, Urbanität und der Medialität von Wissen.

Message Salon
message salon Zürich is an artproject, currently located in Perla-Mode (Langstrasse/Brauerstrasse), showing exhibitions, performance, concerts, bookreleases, theater, shows, partys etc by local and international artists with connections to the Zurich art scene.

Milieu Koenig Philipp Meier

Neue Dringlichkeit
Ein paradoxe Kollektiv von Theater-, Kunst-, Physiotherapie- Studierenden und anderen Menschen. Sie suchen/wollen/finden das Politische in der Kunst. Sie finden aber auch das Private politisch. Stichwort: Arts and Activsm

Künstlerin Paul Polaris

Artist Philip Matesic


Re/Okkupation is a research project at Zurich University of the Arts. The project examines how performative techniques can be used for producing and designing public in urban space. It applies an interdisciplinary approach using the disciplines of design studies, architecture, urbanism, theatre studies and philosophy.

Recht auf Stadt

Rimini Protokoll
Rimini Protokoll is a theatre group that are recognized for being among the leaders and creators of the theatre movement knowns as “Reality Trend” (Theater der Zeit), which has excerted powerful influence on the alternative theatre scene. Each project begins with a concrete situation in a (site)specific place and is then developed through an intense exploratory process.

Rote Fabrik, Zürich

Soho in Ottakring
Soho in Ottakring is an art and urban district project in Vienna. The project is dedicated to supporting and strengthening socio-political art projects, with particular concern for the concentration of social problems that can be identified in an area.

Space Department, Hamburg

The stadt.labor is a public platform, where questions of urban development in Zürich are critically analysed and debated.

Teatro por dinero
The place of our initial inspiration. A theatre in Madrid, with stages for micro-performances.

MA Trans
Masterstudiengang für Transdisziplinarität an der Zürcher Hochschule der Künste

Urban Episodes
Urban Episodes is a nomadic education program exploring European cities, which seeks to analyze and reinterpret urban space through literary snapshots.

Vitamin B
Fachstelle zur Unterstützung, Beratung und Information von Vereinen

Die VBZ-Quartierplattform von und für Zürich West

Zinneke Parade
The Zinneke Parade is a biennial parade held in the city of Brussels. The parade was established with the aim of connecting the many different cultures, communities and districts within Brussels, and with the desire to ‘build bridges’ between these parts of the city. Residents work together with professional artists to create the ideas and prepare the projects which eventually make up the parade.

– – – more interesting  INITIATIVES – – & – – INFO – – – – – – – – – – –

An international network of individuals and collectives involved with city and local action. It brings together micro-initiatives, creates urban interventions and makes public space.

Ciudades Paralelas
Ciudades Paralelas is a festival that travels around to different cities and invites artists to devise interventions in different public spaces in these cities. The projects make stages out of public space used every day and seduce the viewers to staying inside that space long enough for their perception to change.

Creative Actions
Creative Actions is a participatory art project where idea and process is designed in collaboration with the population in a specific area. The aim is to create new public spaces that are temporary or permanent, and where people are trying something different, testing themselves among other people and developing their surroundings.

Austrian journal for urban research.

FutureEverything is a festival exploring mobile and locative art in relation to cities. The festival focuses on creative practices, which engage in network technologies in lived city spaces, and how they suggest alternative possibilities or critical perspectives.

Metropolis is a festival for art and performance in public space, located in Copenhagen. The aim of the festival is to create a platform where artists could work with art in public space, create debate and influence the development of more temporary and interactive approaches to projects in public/urban space.

a young established group of urban researchers from different fields and countries that aim at tackling urban issues.
an open project space founded in Amsterdam/Vienna

The Pop-Up City is a blog that explores the latest designs, trends and ideas that shape the city of the future.

Urban Passion
network for progressive urban development, communication and research

Netzwerk für urbane Kultur

Blog für StreetArt und urbane Kultur


About Andreia Sofia Paixao

I’m an architect but at the moment I’m doing a PhD in the “Architecture of Contemporary Metropolitan Territories” at the University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE-IUL). I have worked teaching children in a primary school, in performance studies and as a production assistant in dance and events on ecological themes. PhD Researcher _ Architecture / Contemporary Dance / Permaculture My research is situated at the intersection of architecture, landscape architecture, public art and urban development.

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