Artist Organisations International

Artist Organisations International brings together over twenty representatives of organisations founded by artists whose work confronts today’s crises in politics, economy, education, immigration and ecology. Artist Organisations International explores a current shift from artists working in the form of temporary projects to building long-term organisational structures. What specific artistic value and political potential do such organisations have? How do they perform? What could be their concrete impact on various social-political agendas and possible internationalist collaborations?

Artist organisations are founded by artists

Artists Organisations International brings together organisations that have been initiated by artists and advocate a specific understanding of art within a social and political context by using the subversive and transformative potential of visual literacy, modes of re-contextualisation and performativity.

Artist organisations choose the form of the organisation

Artist organisations seek for continuity of cultural and political engagement that is not just based on personal interest and authorship. At the same time, the artist organisation also questions the form of the organisation itself: by emphasizing urgency, change and criticality, it is a living organism. Artist organisations translate engagement into infrastructure and open the possibility of outliving their creators.

Artist organisations seek for structural engagement

The last decades have seen an important change in our perception of art. The focus has shifted from artworks as ‘objects’ towards the concept of the ‘project’: a temporal intervention or engagement focussing on research and processes rather than on a final product. However the limitation of concrete artistic and political effects of temporary projects is implicit. The change from projects to organisations demands a more structural engagement, more durability and long-term vision. Artist organisations push the concept of self-governance to another level: both within and outside of the art world.

Artist organisations propose social/political agendas

In their work artist organisations bring forward a social/political agenda that connects the field of ethics with aesthetics. Rather than a medium merely ‘questioning’ and ‘confronting’ the world, the artist organisation situates itself in the field of daily political struggle. Rather than questioning the world, it makes a world.


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